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Monday, October 12, 2020

Recommended podcast #5 - Talking Politics


Do you want to cut through the noise around politics? Would you like to get past competitive assertions of how awful Trump is / how good looking Rishi Sunak is / how Keir Starmer is really the model for Mark D'Arcy in Bridget Jones? Would you, in fact, like to know what is going on now by understanding what has happened before?

Then listen to Talking Politics. It is hosted by two Cambridge University professors, David Runciman and Helen Thompson. As you might expect, it tends to be pretty high powered and academic. Listening to it is like sitting in an oak lined study at Cambridge with the light filtering through the stained glass windows - but with your teachers keeping you vigorously on your toes. It’s well worth making the effort to engage with what they say; they are exceptionally well informed, highly intelligent and very perceptive. Best of all, they offer a wide historical and theoretical perspective from which to interpret current events, and keep a helpful distance from the hurly burly of everyday politics. Right now they are focusing on the US Presidential election, and are cutting through the confusing chaos into which it seems to be descending.

Trying to make sense of what is happening in the world may leave you stressed and anxious. Listening to Talking Politics will calm you down, because it will help you to understand.

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